Thursday, April 25, 2013

Future talk

Hey lovelies,

Wow, I have had the best mini vacation ever. During a last minute change of plans I was able to see my cousin last night. She pointed out that this trip I wasn't here to 'do' anything. Every trip in the last few years that I've been on has been to 'do' something. I came to Toronto in the December of 2010 to dress and shoe shop for Amanda's wedding. Then July 2011 was the actual wedding. I went to Vancouver Jan of 2012 for my brothers wedding and now back in Toronto for April 2013 to do nothing but visit. It's kinda nice!

I made this trip really short to squeeze in between my exams and the start of my new job so I didn't have time to call everyone I I know. In all honesty it was so nice not running around and scheduling time slots and transportation to see people. The next time I am here I can hopefully rent a car and it will be much easier. But this trip my goal was simply to see Amanda and her precious baby girl Scarlett.

I am leaving for home tonight and I honestly am so so sad about it. This trip came at a strange time for me because I'm realizing that as my degree slowly comes to an end this year, the possibilities for me are open. I can do what I want. And go/live where I want. I was even looking up rental places and searching jobs here in Brampton. And my cousin offered for me to be roomies with her. It's just... Exciting and scary and open.

We shall see where God leads me. I'm excited with the possibilities though.

Much love my friends,

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